Workshop Dalya

The presentation session started with an overview of the development of the DigIN Web Application, highlighting its initial phases within the project framework. The session covered the app’s key features in detail and highlighted self-assessment quizzes designed to assess digital proficiency in various skill areas. A real-time presentation gave attendees first-hand experience of the app’s user-friendly interface and evaluation methodology.

Roundtable conversations were designed to promote open dialogue and knowledge exchange. Participants actively discussed the issues adults 55 and older face in the digital age, highlighting the significance of tailored educational approaches. The discussions also focused on the DigIN Web App’s effectiveness in encouraging safe internet practices and its potential to address the digital divide among adult learners.

The workshop emphasized the growing necessity of digital literacy and inclusion for adult learners. The DigIN Web App was seen as a promising option to meet the need, offering a full platform for self-assessment and skill development.